the vast ocean symbolises

renewal and cleansing

For many, the ocean seen for the first time brings on fear for its ferocious coming and going. The children served by Transhaven fearlessly embrace the most beautiful healing effect of the rolling waves!

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Discovering marine life

The wonder and beauty of the ocean

The children’s visit to uShaka Marine World is the highlight of the entire excursion. The dolphins are the most impressive for the majority of learners.

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Water! Water! Water!

The sustainer of life and joy.

Many of the thousands of children visiting Transhaven Home have not experienced a swimming pool or the beach. Their first experience of the sea is indelible!

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fun and laughter!

the joys of childhood

To be afforded the opportunity to simply experience being an innocent child - that is the essence of sending indigent children to the seaside on educational excursions.

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the safe journey

an unforgettable bus ride!

Since the inception of Transhaven, there exists an impeccable record of safety on the return journey to Durban.

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Love, care and attention in all respects are the foundation of this organisation which has stood the test of almost a century of existence.

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Transhaven - The Home

The children served by Transhaven Seaside Fund enjoy a fortnight’s stay at the seaside home, “TRANSHAVEN”, which is situated on the
Bluff in Brighton Beach, Durban – overlooking the Indian Ocean. A winding footpath leads from the home to the beach which they reach
in a matter of two minutes. They are provided with three nutritious meals per day; each child sleeps in his/her own bed in the spacious dormitories. They are taken on several educational excursions to various places during their stay in Durban.

Transhaven's History

Dedicated, passionate, and deeply sincere men and women have worked tirelessly to ensure the sustained growth and existence of Transhaven Seaside Fund over the past eight decades. Some of these selfless women and men have served indigent children from all over Gauteng Province for over fifty to sixty years of their individual lives.

Our Stalwarts

It took great courage and sheer tenacity to conceive and give birth to an organisation like Transhaven Seaside Fund in the face of deep rooted opposition and outright contempt of innitiatives by non-white communities in South Africa at the outset of World War 2 - the early 1930\\\\\\\'s.